My experience at NCIC 2024, Pier 21: Gateway to Canada & a Beacon of Hope

Nestled on the Halifax waterfront, Pier 21 is more than just a port; it's a symbol of hope, opportunity, and new beginnings. Known as Canada's "Gateway to Immigration," this historic site has welcomed over a million immigrants from 1928 to 1971, each one carrying dreams of a better life. Today, Pier 21 stands as a testament to these journeys, housing the Canadian Museum of Immigration and serving as a vital reminder of our collective heritage.

The importance of immigration has always been the lifeblood of Canada, a country built on the rich tapestry of diverse cultures and traditions. Immigrants bring with them a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experiences that contribute to the economic, social, and cultural fabric of the nation. Whether through Immigrant Investor Programs, Start-up Visas, Quebec AI & IT Program or through the many Canadian Immigration pathways, immigrants fill crucial gaps in the labor market, drive innovation, and enrich our communities with their unique perspectives. In essence, immigration fosters a vibrant, dynamic society. It challenges us to grow, adapt, and embrace new ways of thinking. By welcoming immigrants, Canada upholds its values of inclusivity and diversity, ensuring that the country continues to thrive and evolve.

My personal connection to Pier 21 starts with my Father-in-Law's life story. Attending an immigration conference at this location was not only professionally enriching but also deeply introspective. This historic port is where my father-in-law first set foot in Canada, embarking on his journey towards a new life and aspirations. The stories he shared about his arrival by ship, landing on the shores of Nova Scotia, filled with both excitement and uncertainty, resonated deeply as I stood in the same place where he began his Canadian adventure. It’s a spot where, one day, I hope to take my own children—to remind them of the great hope their grandfather had for the future children and grandchildren he had yet to meet. His experiences, like those of so many others, underscore the resilience and courage of immigrants. They remind us of the immense contributions made by individuals who chose Canada as their new home, shaping the nation into what it is today.

The CAPIC National Citizenship and Immigration Conference brought together policymakers, scholars, lawyers, RCIC members to discuss the future of immigration in Canada. The room was filled, with passionate discussions about how to create more inclusive communities, support newcomers, and leverage immigration for economic growth and how to help these immigrants navigate the complexities of the immigration process. Being at Pier 21 for this event added a profound layer of significance. Walking through the museum, seeing the exhibits, and feeling the weight of history around me, I couldn't help but think about the countless lives that were transformed here. The conference was not just about policies and statistics; it was about real people and their journeys.

As we move onward, it's crucial to remember and honor the stories of those who came before us, while continuing to welcome and support new generations of immigrants. I am so happy to have been able to help so many over the years, in making Canada their home. Looking forward to CAPIC's next NCIC event at Lake Louise in 2025.

—Rosanna Anobile, Immigration Lawyer

Meet the Leduc team of Business Immigration Specialists

Exciting News from Leduc International: Relocation and New Immigration Products!


Leduc International has undergone many exciting developments in the last few months. Relaunching the Leduc International website, new offices, being appointed as a recognized financial intermediary by the Ministère de l’Immigration de la Francisation et de l'Intégration, representing clients in spousal sponsorship and start-up visa.

Leduc continues to offer unbeatable immigration services in Canada with a team of in-house lawyers and business experts.

Leduc International, a leader in Quebec Immigration

From the inception of the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program , in 1986, Leduc has been a key player, representing foreign nationals from around the world. With over 10,000 successful cases under the said Program the team is excited to be part of the relaunch of the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program as a designated financial intermediary.
With a growing in-house team, legal and business experts, they are ready to helping foreign nationals navigate the complexities of Quebec immigration with ease and confidence.

Canadian Immigration experts!

Leduc has always been on the forefront of Canadian immigration, whether it be seeking assistance in spousal sponsorship, visa applications, start-up visa, immigrant investor program, entrepreneur program, residency permits or citizenship process, our in-house lawyers are committed to providing personalized, reliable, accurate advice to meet any unique need.
With our experienced team and a track record of successful outcomes, Leduc is here to make your immigration journey smoother and successful!

New Address

The new business address is 4150 Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Suite 328, H3Z 2Y5, Westmount. The new offices allow them to better accommodate their growing team and serve you more efficiently.

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Canada Announces Cap on Start-Up Visa Applications and a Full- Pause on Self-employed Persons to Reduce Backlogs and Improve Processing Times


Canada Immigration Minister Marc Miller has announced, on April 29, a cap on the number of permanent residence applications through the Start-Up Visa and a full pause on self-employed, which took effect on Tuesday April 30, 2024. These changes are motivated to decrease the backlog and improve the processing time.

“Fast processing is critical to the success of entrepreneurs who come to Canada through our federal business programs,” he said. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will limit the applications it receives each year to those associated with no more than 10 start-ups per designated organization.

IRCC will also provide priority processing whose start-up is supported by a Canadian capital or business incubator that is a member of Canada’s Tech Network.

“These necessary changes will set the Start-up Visa Program and Self-Employed Persons Program on the path to faster processing times while we look ahead to further reforms to make these programs more sustainable and effective over the long term.” Leduc works closely with many designated organizations and is eager to continue to support entrepreneurs in their Start-Up Visa endeavours in Canada.

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Student Visa: International Student Working Hours Capped


Canada Immigration Minister Marc Miller has announced, on April 30, that international students working off campus hours have been capped at 24 hours starting September. After temporary lifting the twenty-hour week in 2022, Mark Miller indicated, “the need is gone”. Breaking terms of a student visa can cause the student to lose their status and possible be forced to leave Canada.

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